O'Neal Leathers Cooper

O'Neal Leathers Cooper

Howdy y'all! We have made it through the week to another Friday! Today we have someone very special! We are so happy to introduce y'all to O'Neal Cooper Cooper. She was born and raised in Memphis, TN but has been living in Nashville for the past 12 years. She is married to her love, Ross Cooper and they were hitched during the 2019 NFR!! 



Let's get to know her a little more! She loves fashion and has had her own style her entire life."I started off really deep diving into curating style in junior high when my friends all started to ask for make overs and help with choosing outfits.  From there, once I learned the ins and outs of sewing and clothing construction, I started making my own clothing in college.  Once I moved to Nashville,  I was approached by so many people about my unique pieces and was asked to make things for other people.  It grew from there purely on a recommendation basis and word of mouth.  I decided to take a leap of faith and start a business out of making custom clothing.  I have been “formally” doing this for 5 years and it brings me an unbelievable amount of joy to create one of a kind wearable art for my clients!" When she says she loves to bring joy to her clients she ain't lyin. I currently have 2 pieces from her AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM!!

"My favorite colors are gold and turquoise.  My favorite animal is a fox.  Music has always been a huge part of my life—it’s my heart and soul.  My dad and my husband are both accomplished and well established songwriters, so I’ve been exposed to so many unique and talented musicians and have the privilege to observe their creative process. I love being surrounded by creatives of all mediums—inspiration and unique perspectives can hit you in the coolest ways when you expose yourself to all types of artists. I have a dog name Jack who I love an unreasonable amount.  I love wearing outrageous outfits—my closet is extremely chaotic but somehow works!  I am an engram 4.  I love to read.  I love running outside.  I have 14 tattoos and always want more!  I love my people fiercely.  I love to sing. I believe you can never have too much fringe, sequins, and jewelry.  Supporting fellow artists is the most important thing I can do.  The only person you should compete with is the person you were yesterday.  If you’re called to create,  there is room for everyone!  Two of my favorite quotes are “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another” and “you can never be overdressed or under educated”."

"Seeing the wild confidence that owning a one of a kind, personal piece of clothing gives to my clients sends me into an absolute frenzy!  It brings me so much happiness to feel their excitement!  Trending stops with me—what you wear is an expression of who you are and no one should have to be stuck with solely “cookie cutter” clothing options. It fills me with so much happiness to see my clients come alive when they wear their custom pieces.  There’s something about a special garment that allows us all to feel that extra boost of boldness and grit.  This is what motivates me and fuels my fire.  If you didn’t already know how cool you are,  I’ll step in and show you how magical you truly are!" 

O'Neal owns multiple businesses and they all keep her so busy. She is so dedicated to each one and puts her all in them. I asked her for some advice for those wanting to have multiple businesses. She said "it’s all about organization and tenacity. Hire an intern to help with admin work, client communication, social media, and scheduling.  Most importantly,  give yourself at least one day a week that you don’t work at all.  You can’t pour from an empty cup! " All of us can relate to that last bit. No matter if you own a business, work in a corporate job, a stay at home wife, or a stay at home mom. Your mental health and self care is always important and should always come first! 

I sure did have to get the skinny on what she and Ross love to do on their date nights. I have to say what she said is exactly what mine and my husbands dates night are! They love to explore new restaurants and go to concerts!  "We love a good double date.  We love to go to Roberts western world and two step to classic country and western music from an incredible band!"

O'Neal is not just a fashion stylist and maker! She also works for music festivals. She makes sure that they run smoothly, takes photos and videos for social media. She makes sure that her musicians don't look like "ragamuffins" She is AMAZING at working a crowd and the ULTIMATE hype girl! She does freelance HMU, wardrobe, and set dec for music videos.  "My favorite garments to make are costume/stage wear.  I really get to flex on those projects.  I have a weakness for sour candy.  Dave Grohl for president."


You can find more of O'Neal's work on her Instagram @strange_ranger_customs

We hope y'all have a kick ass weekend and as always if you have any questions for anyone of our features drop a comment below!









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