Layne Lewis

Layne Lewis

Howdy y'all we are back again on this wonderful Friday to bring you another feature! Today we have Layne Lewis, owner of Tru Spirit Collective in Stephenville, Tx. She has a vibe like no other! If you have not followed her on Instagram or checked out her website. Do yourself a favor and do so! I guarantee you will love everything about Layne and her store! Let's get to know her some more.

Layne was born and raised all over far northern California, Oregon, Nevada. She has been married to her husband, Robert, for almost 6 years and they have 2 of the most adorable children. Who often like to help out in the store. "I moved to Oklahoma as an 18 year old searching for herself and lived there for a year before settling down in Texas. Best thing I could have done for myself was move far away from home to
discover who I could be and what I was capable of." I asked Layne about work life and she said  "Tru Spirit Collective started in 2017 but didn’t go full time until closer
to 2019. Working together as a family and being able to create a life centered around that is the most important and the biggest reason we are self employed." Aside from Tru Spirit she runs the office and the trucks for Robert. Robert hauls cattle.

Let's talk more on the home front and what it's like having her husband gone a lot. Since Robert hauls cattle he is always on the road. She likes to call herself a solo mom a lot because even though she is married most people question if her husband is real. "He’s on the road more than he is home and while it’s tough, we make it work to the best of our ability. Lots of open communication is key, especially with the kids. They don’t always understand why dad is gone so much but we involve them in everything so they enjoy going in the truck with him or coming to the store with me and are always the best help!" Now, how she handles all this like a rock star! She says most day the homefront manages her. List making is her go to and she is always trying to create some sort of schedule to help manage home life.

We asked Layne if she could give other moms advice,who manage the homefront while their husband is working out of town. She had some very wise words! "Give yourself grace! So much grace!! Sprinkle that $h!t on everything! You can’t pour from an empty cup! It’s ok to have alone time and need time away from the kids. They need to miss you as much as you need to miss them. Get outside when you feel
overwhelmed and breathe deep, remember this too shall pass during hard times, and don’t forget to cherish the tiniest of moments because those are the ones your kids will never forget." Her favorite thing to do after along day is to spend time in the garden, the porch, or with the horses. 

Some activities she and the kids like to do at home are to spend time in the mini garden. "They’re all about exploring and just being outside so any chance
we get to go hiking/adventuring, that’s where you’ll find us."

We asked Layne when she knew it was time to open a store front.  "A storefront has always been the ultimate goal. It just so happened I was driving through town after dropping the kids off at school and saw a for rent sign. Something told me to call and
inquire about the space. It wasn’t planned but we made it happen. That’s usually how life goes for us; you have to constantly readjust your focus and take one day at a time when something changes your path. Having a storefront has been everything I hoped! Building relationships with my customer face to face, the old fashioned
way, has been my favorite. We are always thinking of what else can be done to make the most of our space and can’t wait to see how much the storefront grows throughout the years.


You can visit Layne in Stephenville at Tru Spirit Collective Wednesday-Friday 11-6 and Saturday 11-3. 

809 E Rd Ste C
Stephenville, TX 76401

If you can't make it into Tru Spirit just click this link for her online store. Be sure to follow her on Instagram!

One last thing Layne leaves us with is this, " Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency, and integrity."

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