Kam Elliot - Farmer Dolls

Kam Elliot - Farmer Dolls

Howdy yall! We are glad yall are here to join us on this second blog feature! Today we are here with Kam, also known as farmerdolls on Instagram. She is an amazing woman who always puts her Faith in God first. She is very hardworking and I am so happy to call her a friend. I am so honored that she has shared her story with all of us. 




Kam Elliot is from the beautiful Mountains of Durango, Colorado and she has been married to her husband Jackson for 14 years. Kam is 37 years old, loves Jesus, her husband and dog. She has a strong love for America, agriculture & western fashion. Kam said "working hard while still being a lady is my jam". Kam does it all! She farms, ranches, has a podcast, and is a content creator. She has been driving tractors & taking care of cattle since she was 16. This has been her "Full Time" job for the past 7 years. Kam says "I absolutely love being by myself with my dog, growing food for Americans & their animals. While then being able to share my story on Social Media & be a face of American agriculture has been pretty special." 
When I asked Kam what was something she would like people to know about her she said, "I'm an introvert that really NEVER thought I'd be comfortable sharing my life the way I do, but I'm so dang happy I took that leap because this has brought more to my life than I ever could have dreamed of. Being a positive gal in all circumstances while praising the Lord to get me through all the times, Is a goal of mine every day!" Kam recently reached a milestone on Instagram. She now has over 100K followers. I am sure every single one of them loves watching and hearing about her journey because I know I do. 
I'm sure all of us have so much to juggle and we all have our ways. We try to stay organized and do it all. Kam has shared with us how she manages ranch life and home life. "Well, this year has been unexpected but on a typical year the main objective is to get the job done & deal with life things later. I usually spend 14 hours a day in a tractor or on the back of a horse tending to Cattle. That takes planning on the Wife's part. I don't need phone calls about "What's for dinner" while I'm still at work until 11pm. HAHA The Crock-pot is my best friend & asking for help with "Life" chores has been something I've had to learn is OK to do." I think we all struggle with learning to ask for help. But I do believe it is something that we all should learn to do and be OK with. 
If you haven't followed Kam or know anything about her story you should know she has been sharing her cancer journey. When I asked her how she felt being a cancer survivor she was glad to share her story. "Every single time (Twice now) I've heard I was cancer free; the feeling is one of complete badass beast mode. Then comes the rest of the journey.....
This time around I'm three surgeries in to skin cancer on my face only to find out while I was under during the last surgery, he found ANOTHER spot behind my ear that came back as Melanoma. Gosh dang that takes the badass beast mode right out of your sails. So, I'm taking it a day at a time, a surgery at a time & a Prayer at a time. Skin Cancer is no joke! I hope everyone gets an appointment with their dermatologist to get checked."
kam@farmerdolls horse
She leaves us with this advice. "Throughout everything in life, Do you Doll. If you want to rope Cattle with big earrings on, Do you Doll. If you want to be a face for your industry, Do you Doll. There is always a choice & always choose to Do you, there are way to many of those other people."

Thank ya'll for joining us for our second blog feature! We hope you enjoyed the wonderful Kam! If y'all have any other questions for her drop them below in the comments and we will get back to y'all! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @farmerdolls
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