Jenna Paulette

Jenna Paulette

HOWDY and HEY Y'ALL!! We are back with another Blog Feature Friday! Today we have Jenna Paulette! She is a cattle workin', country singin', Whataburger lovin', Living for God Cowgirl. Let's dive in and read all about her!!


Jenna is from Lewisville, Texas and from a family ranch on the Oklahoma, Texas line in Thackerville, OK. While growing up Jenna loved all the old country. Ya know, the good ones Shania, Reba, and the Dixie Chicks. Jenna said, "Growing up I got to see what country songs were written about, especially the artists I loved. My grandad was the george strait type. I loved listeing to Dixie chicks and Shania Twain. They sang about things I loved...Wide Open Spaces...Cowboy Take Me Away. Shania used horses in her videos. Reba, was a real life cowgirl. When "Cowgirls Don't Cry" came out with Brooks and Dunn I couldn't hear it on the radio and NOT cry haha. SO much of the things I admired were glorified in the music I listed to, and I thought to myself, "I want to sing songs that make people feel like these songs make me feel." I would watch Shania and the Dixie Chicks on awards shows and be like, yes that's it, that's what I want to do with my life. Well, that and raise cattle and babies (eventually)." 

We know that things get tough when it comes to using our talents and having a creative block. We all get so overwhelmed and it is nice to hear what others do during this time. Jenna does get those creative blocks too. What helps her? She said, "When I get overwhelmed and need to slow down, that's when I am in my biggest ruts. I plan time in my schedule for not being in town, driving somewhere with nothing on in the truck and just being. Then something will spark me again, a conversation, a thought, and I'll start singing an idea into my phone. Then it comes like a flood and I capture what I can as fast as I can!" I can totally relate to that. When I am overwhelmed I take time to myself and just be in the quiet and in my thoughts. Then all of a sudden an idea for a new piece will pop into my head and I immediately have to find a pen and paper to draw it out or I have to write out a description in my phone about what I'm wanting to make. 


I know your Faith in God plays a big role in your life. This is one of the reasons why I love Jenna. One of the questions I asked Jenna was how has her Faith in God helped her through the good and bad times. Jenna said, "I have had a David like relationship with God, I have always felt him very real and all around me. In the valleys and the hilltops. He's been my constant companion. I am by no means perfect, but I know my God loves me so I always have access to Him. I ask him to speak to me, I make a practice of being in the word and He will speak into my heart and life and breathe hope into my darkest seasons, and wisdom and direction when I need it most. My mom always prayed God would make himself real to us, and that the Holy Spirit would hover over us as children so we would know God all the days of our life. I echo that prayer for my future children because I have seen the fruit of it in my own life." That is so powerful and hits home for many of us. As a mother this is something I pray for my children to know everyday. They can always talk to God and have that relationship with him no matter what they may be facing. Now something that Jenna has learned from all of this is that, "How to stick with a dream God placed inside you. It's not easy, there have been days when I'm like what is the point?! but something inside me won't let me quit. It's created character and grit like only perseverance and trials can, and I am so thankful for it." 

Let's hear some of these amazing accomplishments and major highlights for you this past year! What about some of the fun things you like to do! "Being a member of CMT's Next Women of Country Class of '22 this year and prepping for my first album. I am soooo excited for it to come out next year. Feels right and like all the pieces are coming together." This is going to be your year! IT is amazing and I can not wait to see all you do in this industry! Jenna loves to ride and work cattle whenever and wherever she can. "Cook and bake, and style music videos and shoots (I LOVE that part of my job!) and being on stage... it's work but I LOVE IT!" I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way!

We all have our heroes and when Jenna sent this questions back to me and I read her answer. I started crying when I saw her response. Both of her grandfathers are her hero. "They were both so successful and full of life, character, family oriented, Jesus loving and fun! One was a rancher, one was a businessman. I have built so much of my dreams around their example." My grandfather was my hero and my rock. When he passed I wasn't sure how I was going to move on. He has been gone for 10 years but I talk with him daily and he shows me signs every now and again to let me know he's there. 


Some fun facts about Jenna:

1. I loveeee history so much. Native american, pioneer/frontier, early american, really anything pre WWI. It just fascinates me! 

2. My mom and I go antiquing for fun and I love a good bargain :)

3. My favorite colors are a light muave pink, rusted orange/brown and tan...keep it classyyyy

4. My Whataburger order is a Whataburger Jr. w/ cheese, mayo, mustard, pickle, grilled jalapeno and lettuce + small fry, unsweet tea with lemon!!! Spicy Ketchup on the side 

5. I really enjoy organizing things 

It has been such an honor getting to write this feature on Jenna. She leaves us with this additional advice. "If God placed a dream in your heart and it wont let go, don't give up. Remember Sarah didn't have her baby until she was old, David wasn't crowned right away after he was anointed, and Joseph was in jail before any of his technicolor dreams came to pass...God builds character in the waiting, and His timing always makes the most sense. So trust Him, and don't cheat His process. Honor him the whole way, and when you mess up, get back up and make it right, then keep going."


When I receive answers to the blog questions every time someone always has something that I needed to read. They are truly amazing. This woman is amazing and I hope you follow along her journey with her. She is going to do amazing things and she is paving the way! Thank y'all for joining me today on this wonderful Friday! You can follow Jenna on Instagram @jennapaulette Head on over to her link tree in her bio to listen to her new single "SLOW DRAWL" you won't be disappointed!


B&W Photos of Jenna are by Raul Esparza

Color Photos of Jenna are by Wes Walker

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