Gloria Goldman

Gloria Goldman

Howdy ya'll and welcome to our very first Blog Feature! We are so excited that you are here with us! Today we are featuring a very talented friend of mine! She has gone from a full time corporate job to building her dream business full time! She has some good tips for those of you who have been thinking about transitioning from your Corporate Job to pursuing that dream business full time. We hope yall love it and we appreciate any feed back that yall give us!



Gloria was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington. She is the owner of G Bar G Home and Ranch. Her whole life revolves around furthering her knowledge and skills as a barrel racer and team roper. Her horses healthcare and well-being comes first in our world. Before Gloria went full time with her business she was an Executive Director for a Skilled Nursing Agency. She did this for 4 years.



When I asked her how the transition went from her Corporate job to pursuing her dream business. This is what she had to say.  "Stressful, busy, Eye-twitching but WORTH IT. By God’s grace I pulled a lot of all niter's painting in between my day shifts at my full-time job. Then eventually I went part-time with the nursing agency and did that for about 6 months then knew it was time to part ways."


You would think that being a creator relieves stress because you get to do something you love every single day but Gloria has some good point here. As a creator/maker myself I couldn't agree more with this statement. "Now that I paint full-time sometimes it feels like I have to force myself to practice the 5 minute rule to “trick” myself into starting new or finishing current projects or pieces. Keeping commissioned pieces to a minimum helps me enjoy painting on a bigger scale. There is an underlying pressure that comes with client commissions, keeping them at a minimum really helps my creative flow."

On to some more juicy details about Gloria! She has a significant other and they have been together for 5 years. On their list of things they enjoy doing together in their spare time is team rope. They are very passionate about their horses and livestock. Gloria says " I couldn't see ourselves living our lives any other way."




Let's talk how she juggles the business, barrel racing, and home duties.

"IT'S A LOT! That’s the best way to sum it up- I have to be forgiving with myself and realize I am only one person and all of the responsibilities cannot get done in one day. Creating a consistent schedule of the daily things that need to get done (EX: work duties, rotating which horses get exercised which day) helps, then anything else can fit in if there is an hour extra when we can. 1% everyday will still create forward motion to our bigger goals!"

Gloria leaves you with this piece of advice for someone wanting to leave their corporate job to pursue their dream of opening their own business?

"JUST DO IT. Don’t just quit without a plan, but start NOW. Don’t wait. Create a business page on Instagram and Facebook even if it’s not the name you want long-term and just start posting. Don’t sweat the small stuff, your business will build itself if you just put the daily consistent work in. Don’t overthink it, you will know when it’s time to transition out of your current career or job."

This year G-G is growing their Wholesale apparel as well as their Men’s and athletic wear! For more information you can visit her website which is linked below and follow her on Instagram to see all of her amazing work!

Follow the link here to her website and use code WranglinMama to save some money on your order!

G-G Home and Ranch

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @gbargdesigns 


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This blog is a great addition to your website!
I can’t wait to read the many others that you interview and get the juicy deets on how or why they started their businesses.
Thank you for the interview, these questions were fun to answer!

Gloria Goldman

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