Brooke McDaniel

Brooke McDaniel

Howdy y'all! We have made it to another Blog Friday!! We are always excited to feature a lady in our industry. Today this one is extra special because I am featuring my friend Brooke. She's going to tell us all about her businesses and even share with us one of her favorite drink recipes. Be sure to save this one! I know I'll be drinking this one tonight! 
Brooke McDaniel is from a small town in West Tennessee, Clarksburg. Such a small town that the only red light it has is a caution light. Clarksburg is between Nashville and Memphis. She is happily married to her man, Seth. How funny is it that our husbands have the same name. We laugh about it all the time. 
Brooke is a full time boutique owner and hair stylist. Brooke said, " I have been doing hair for 7 years and I started my boutique a little over 4 years ago. Conducting two businesses is hard but I love it. I absolutely love styling and making women feel beautiful not only with their hair but with clothes as well." 
On top of being a multiple business owner Brooke is also a rodeo wife. "I’m married to a bulldogger. Seth and I have been married 5 years this October. He is my absolute best friend and I love doing all the things with him. I basically grew up on the back of horse. I started barrel racing when I was 5 and I have been obsessed with it every since. These days I don’t compete as much but I plan to start breakaway roping  in the near future."
Brooke also has an Instagram page for just her love of western fashion! On there you can find discount codes to some pretty awesome brands. "I love modeling and doing photo shoots. It has allowed me to travel to different places, meeting like minded women who have a passion for the western way of life. I have met some of the most amazing women who I now call my best friends!" 
Brooke started Velvet Cactus 4 years ago and the main reason she started her boutique was because she wanted to help women feel good about themselves. She wants to help them step out of their comfort zone. " I started my boutique because I love western fashion. This part of the world doesn't really have actual western fashion. I want to show people that you don't have to wear Wranglers to be western. You can use accessories to make your outfit western. Just by getting the right hat, jewelry, or shoes. I just want to help women be confident in what they are wearing and not worry about what everyone is saying." I asked Brooke if Velvet Cactus has any big plans coming and she did say that she has really big plans coming this fall! So everyone stay tuned for that news! 
Here's just a little more to know about Brooke. "I also love to deer hunt and turkey hunt.  Seth and I spend countless hours putting out corn for the deer and checking our cameras hoping to see a “good shooter” . I have two dogs who I love dearly Lola (long haired chihuahua) and Juice (pit and heeler mix). They are like my children. 
I’m as laid back as they come. I love to have a good time with good people. I drink well with others but if I don’t like something my face will say it before my mouth does." And I believe that is why Brooke and I hit it off so well! 
I asked Brooke what advice she would give someone wanting to start a boutique and she gave some really good advice. "Get ready to hustle and work your ass off! Do your research and have a business plan set in place. Know your target customer and buy smart!" For those reading this and are wanting to open a second business Brooke has some insight into that as well. Since she is a hair stylist and boutique owner. I asked her how she manages and keeps up with both!  "Oh boy, sometimes not very well lol Its not a easy task. Both my businesses are small but growing every day and I’m so thankful for that. I have to have a schedule planned out. There are certain days that I work at the salon and get clients taken care of and then there are days set aside for just working on the boutique business. There are some nights that I can’t sleep. So I will lay there and shop for new inventory at 2am. (Insert eye roll here). I have one whole day where I work on nothing but content for the boutique so I have posts, reels, etc set aside. Making reels and TikTok’s is a legit full time job lol Who knew a 5 second video would take half a day to make? What it all boils down to is having a set schedule so that you’re productive as well as making time to be with your family. I don’t work at the salon on Saturdays like most stylist do. Saturday and Sundays are our days to work around the farm and do the things we love to do together. You have to have balance!" BALANCE is the keyword here and boy is she right! 
We know since it's Friday y'all might need yourself a good drink and Brooke has just the right thing for ya! Although, most days you will catch her with a Busch Latte but she does love those spicy margaritas! Write it down and try out Brooke's spicy marg recipe! Tag her in your story or your post! "There are tons of ways to make them but here’s mine…. Pssst I never measure anything just eyeball it lol" 
  • -Rim your glass with Tajin 
  • -Drizzle agave over your ice cubes then sprinkle Tajin on that. 
  • -I like to use jalapeños that have been canned and I also pour some of the jalapeño juice onto my ice (gives it a extra kick) 
  • -Add your tequila, lime, and then top it off with the Jose Margarita mix. 
  • If I’m feeling extra I will add a little triple sec as well.
We are so happy to share Brooke's story with y'all and we hope y'all follow her on Instagram and Facebook! @shopvelvetcactus (boutique) @blondevaquera (fashion)
Be sure to check out her website Velvet Cactus Boutique 
She gave us a special discount code to use on her site for those reading this. Use code WMBLOG to get 15% off your order!
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