Breanna Alsouissi

Breanna Alsouissi

Hey hey hey!!! It's another blog feature Friday!! Are you ready for some advice on what you and your significant other can do? Want some more information on how a web designer works her magic? Well, today is the day you find out. Today we are here with my very good friend Breanna, AKA @thebrecreative. "I love all aspects of design. From starting from scratch helping you develop strategy, fonts & colors, visual design strategy to implementing it across your business in every platform makes me SO HAPPY. Making sure websites are optimized & designed to match their business also allows me to help set my clients up for long-term success after we launch & pass things off to them"


Breanna was born & raised in Arlington, TX but now she lives in Granbury, This was after stints in Missouri, California, Kentucky and New Jersey. She is married to her awesome husband, Shaun. They have been married for 2 years all thanks to Bumble. Funny story, when I was headed to market in January I stopped by Bre to pick up some pieces she had photographed for me for my catalog. I could never pronounce her last name, it's Alsouissi. How would you pronounce it? I called and asked her before arriving to their home. She said her husband likes to say (pronounced Al-Sway-Si) 'Patrick Swayze with an Al in front of it'. I tell you what, I sure have remembered how to pronounce it ever since then. Enough about my story let's get to the good stuff with Breanna. 


Breanna has been a brand and web designer for 20 years. Originally, Bre went to school for journalism but had an emphasis for design. Mainly dealing with magazine & newspaper design. She has a background in that area before switching to digital and web design. She has so much experience in this field and is damn good at what she does. I'm speaking from experience. Breanna said "I LOVE what I do. I get to work with really incredible small businesses every single day & help them develop and grow their dreams." Before she started Bre Creative she was working for a design & marketing agency in the metroplex. While she was there she was doing branding, graphic design, and web design. She decided to branch out on her own because she got laid off from the agency she was at due to budget cuts. She found a job immediately after but it was not the right fit. It was horrible. "I worked for an egomaniac who believed in sexual harassment on the daily and I just couldn't take it anymore." Now, she had every intention on going back to work for an agency but she loved the freelance life. After moving out to the country from the city she said, "it made more sense to work for myself." It allowed her to do more and help more people. The people who couldn't afford the big agencies. When I asked her how much time she spends on her work. She said she can average 35-50 hours a week depending on how much she doesn't say no to her clients because she wants to be able to help as many people as she can. 


Now, it's not all work and no play. Breanna does all kinds of things in her spare time. She is a Pilates instructor. She loves to travel and loves to explore new breweries while on vacation.  When I asked her if she has any date night tips. She said "definitely pick something new y'all have never done every now & again. Trying new things together is such an adventure." Now, if you need anything you definitely need a kegerator in your kitchen! She and Shaun have one and  love good craft beer on draft. Breanna leaves us with this piece of advice for anyone who wants to do what she does, "Never. Stop. Learning. I am always trying to teach myself new things & bring new things to the table for my clients. Be persistent, know your worth and don't quit." 


Thank y'all for joining me on this Friday's blog feature! Breanna is truly amazing at what she does. If you take a look at my website, texts, emails, logo, and graphic design...she did it all! I just told her what I was looking for and she brought it all to life! Want to see more of her work? I am linking her website below and she is also on Instagram and Facebook. Also, I'd like to mention if you are looking for someone rebrand your business and get it going Breanna is your gal. She has different price points for everyone. If that's not in your budget she offers a DIY Course that gives you step by step information on how YOU can rebrand your website! Just click the link below. If you have any questions just drop a comment below and we will get back to you!

@thebreacreative FB and IG

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